Multi rows seeder (12 rows)

12 rows seeder on 75cm


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The multi rows seeder is designed for diversified market gardening operations. A central rotating axle feeds the seed to a perforated disk which frees the seeds one by one. The sowing density is proportional to the forward motion and adjustable with different pinions.

This seeder is perfectly suited to sowing rocket, radishes, spinach, and lamb’s lettuce.

Easy to use, this seeder can be adjusted in a few minutes. As a general rule, the sowing depth can be adjusted for all the base plates.

With a width of 75cm, you can plant from one to 12 rows as necessary by changing the perforated disks.

The front cage roller will break up clumps of dirt and the full roller at back will properly press the seeds into the ground.


Caractéristiques produit

Nombre de rangs De 1 à 12
Réservoir trémie indépendantes
Distance minimum entre rangs 5cm
Distance maximum entre rangs 70cm
Vitesse d’avancement 1 à 3 Km/h
Garantie 1 an
Poids 34 kg
Référence T.CG.PL5