Farmer/gardener wheel hoe

The wheel hoes - more commonly known as push hoes, wheel cultivators - are mechanical weeding tools for weeding all types of vegetable crops. Our Terrateck hoes are unique in that they are versatile, ergonomic and strong. They are perfectly suited to your requirements in terms of precision weeding. The range includes a variety of different hoes for fulfilling all of your needs: municipal weeding, market gardening, gardening, accessories, etc.

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  • Farmers wheel hoe

    The wheel hoe is a tool historically used by producers for market gardeners weeding vegetable crops on small areas. This equipment allows manual weeding of very precisely sown or planted crops.

  • Gardener wheel hoe

    On the principle of market garden hoe, gardener hoe and hoe access are designed with the same versatility as the famous farmers hoe Terrateck. However, these hoes most economical chassis are made more accéssible for a home gardener with a large vegetable garden

  • Accessories for wheel hoe

    Adaptable range of tools for wheel hoe, garden and access hoe. All these accesories are complementary and provide answers to all the requirements of vegetable crops and vegetables from the vegetable garden.

  • Wheel Weeder

    The wheel weeder is a very old equipement than Belgium farmer use for weeding vegetable crops. This is a very usefull equipement in light soil.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items