It's often said that the simplest-looking tools are often the most effective in the field. These words alone illustrate our new Nifty Hand Weeders range. This range of weeding tools has been developed with the aim of making manual weeding work more ergonomic and precise.

A complete and
versatile range

The Nifty range of weeding tools has been developed to make manual weeding work more ergonomic and precise. The steel blades are specifically designed to avoid damaging the crop's root system during weeding operations. Perfectly adapted and developed for professional use, these tools require less effort, making operations less tiring for the wrist.

Nifty n°500

Application :
Ideal for loose soil
Fast work with moderate precision.
Allows deeper work.

Performances :
The tool is planted in the soil for weed control.

Nifty n°501

Application :
Speed of execution
Right/left gesture
Double-edged blade

Performances :
Ideal for weeding between plants and between rootballs at medium spacing.

Nifty n°502

Application :
Use on young crops (preferably seedlings)
Working precision
Tool pulls towards user.
Single-edged blade

Performances :
Ideal weeding between plants or along the row

Nifty n°503

Application :
Ideal for young crops or along the row
Fast execution
Surface work
Double-edged blade
Work in both directions (push/pull)

Performances :
Use between rows and between plants on wide spacing

Nifty n°504

Application :
Ideal for inter-row and in-row work
Use on weeds at a more advanced stage of development
Knife with cutting edge on both sides

Performances :
Cuts or uproots weeds with taproot systems (thistle, dock, sow thistle, etc.).

Nifty n°505

Application :
Weeding along a row
Ideal for sloping or clay soils.
V-shaped device for pulling out weeds with taproot systems.

Performances :
Intervention at all stages of crop and weed development.

Nifty Hand Weeders photo album
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Nifty tool handles are perfectly shaped for both right-handed and left-handed users. Moreover, the grip ensures a comfortable handling.


Each tool has been designed to be as light and compact as possible. Each tool weighs between 100 and 200g, depending on the type of blade.


Each hand weeder in the range has its own specificity, and each blade has properties that perfectly match a certain type of operation, delivering ultra-precise weeding.

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