Manual wall-mounted hose reel - 50 m

Manual-return hose reel - Length 50 metres Ø15

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The manual reel, which can be fitted to the wall and ground, is a very convenient high-quality accessory for washing and cleaning your vegetables.


It has a handle for quickly re-winding the hose onto the reel.


Its capacity ranges from 30m in Ø19 to 50m in Ø 15 of hose winding


You will appreciate how easy it is to use.


Supplied without a hose (sold separately)

Optional : 50m hose Ø 19mm (AP.BO-00154)



Reference AP.SA-00140
Hose length 50m (Ø5/8)
Hose width 30 (Ø3/4)
Paint Polyester powder
Weight 6 (without hose)


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