Portable manual reel - 100M

Portable hose reel - Length 100 metres (Ø13mm)

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The portable manual reel will be an essential farmyard accessory for your vegetable cleaning operations.


This very high quality reel has two large wheels for easy transportation on earth, grass, gravel, etc.


You won't have to put up with any more lengthy winding operations because there is a handle for winding up the hose to the base unit very quickly.


Its has a winding capacity ranging of 50 m (Ø19mm), 80 m (Ø15mm) or 100 m (Ø13mm).


Treat yourself to a piece of equipment that is easy to use and handle.


There is also a zinc-plated version.


Supplied without a hose (sold separately).

Optional : 50m hose Ø 19mm (AP.BO-00154)




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