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The tine harrow is used for weeding young weeds.

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Would you like to do the weeding without tiring yourself out as much? Try the tine harrow with the hoe blade! 

This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be fitted with heavy or fine tines and mounted on the single-wheel or double-wheel hoe and scalp com.


The separately screwed tines can be used for the following combinations:

  • By adjusting the double-hoe tine harrow, remove the central tine to avoid working on the strip;

  • Put a fine spring at the centre for light work on the strip and three heavy springs to work between the strips.

Depending on the type of tines, you can use the tine harrow on relatively short crops or during the post-seeding pre-seedling period.

How does it work? The tine harrow is simply used to tear out or cover the weeds using the vibrations of the tines in the soil. This will be effective for the first 2 centimetres. To maximise your results, it is therefore necessary to have a flat surface without large clods, a dried soil and no hardened or heavy soil.

You will have to plan ahead because you will need several days of dry sunny weather to effectively "scorch" the extracted plants.


Reference T.WH.SHE
Number of springs 7
Height 147 mm
Weight 0.8 Kg
Warranty 1 year
Information Sold without springs


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