Reinforced 450 mm collinear blade

Municipal 450 mm collinear weeding blade to be cut to size.

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The reinforced 450mm blade, which is made of a steel that is designed to withstand the extreme conditions of use, can be cut to suit your needs. It has a double edged blade for working in both the forwards and backwards directions.

When combined with the single-wheel hoe or the Scalp Com, you can weed the following:

  • stabilised surface;
  • edges of walls;
  • pavement gravel;
  • cemeteries;
  • gutters;
  • gardens;
  • parks.

The 450 mm collinear blade is recommended for weeding gravel paths.


Reference T.WH.LMC250
Height 240 mm
Weight 1 Kg
Warranty 1 year


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