Towed multirow JTS seeder, JTS-300, JTS-600, JTS-1200

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The towed multi-row JTS seeder is a variant of JPH composed of seeding elements mounted on a fixed frame (30, 60 and 120cm wide), with rear monoblock metal ground roller. It allows sowing at an inter-row of 7.5 cm with the standard furrow openers and of 4.5cm with the double row furrow opener.
This seeder can be attached to a walking tractor, a microtractor or a larger tractor. It is ideal for sowing in open field but also in greenhouse. It is perfect for seeding radish, rocket, spinach and cut salad crops on planting beds with a width of 30, 60 or 120cm (3, 6 or 12 rows that can be single, double or banded). It is possible to neutralize one or more rows (seeding units) depending on what you want to sow.

The 3 fixed configurations are:
JTS-300 : frame width 30cm, 3 rows (distance min 7.5cm)
JTS-600 : frame width 60cm, 6 rows (distance min 7.5cm)
JTS-1200 : frame width 120cm, 12 rows (distance min 7.5cm)

The mechanism is based on seed selector rollers (not included) to be fixed at the bottom of the hopper.
Easy adjustment of the seeding depth of all elements by manipulating the knob on the side of the machine.

The accessories and options available for this model are:- Large furrow opener for a wider seed distribution (60/75/120mm)
- Double row furrow opener (to double each row with a distance between rows of 45mm)
- Presentation kickstands with wheels for parking- Toolbars (thickness 5x5cm and width 150/300cm)
- Walking tractor linkage unit (only for JTS-300 and 600)
- Linkage unit for microtractor 3 points Cat 1 (only for JTS-600)
- Linkage unit for tractor 3 points Cat 2 (only for JTS-600 and 1200)


Reference N002600
Roller Anti Statique (non inclus)
Minimum distance between rows 7,5
Distance on sowing row Adjustable
Seeding In rows or seed hole
Hopper Clear and removable
Sowing depth Adjustable
Covering Adjustable
Nombres de rangs de semis 12
Distance minimum entre les éléments 7,5
Largeurs barre disponibles 150/300

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