Municipal wheel hoe

Municipal wheel hoe with fixed arm for mechanical weed control.

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Originally, our Terrateck market gardening hoe was designed for the mechanical weeding of crops in market gardens.

But you can also use it for municipal parks and roads, for weeding gravelled, stabilised and sealed areas.

This tool is situated between the handle tools (hand hoe) and the power tools (brush, steam, hot water).

Power tools can often not be used in confined spaces such as cemeteries. The Terrateck municipal hoe goes everywhere and is more comfortable to use while being more efficient in terms of work output. The unique selling point is the versatility of the frame.

This municipal hoe has various advantages:

  • The structure of the triangular frame is ergonomic. It can be used to make the pushing force (extension of the arm) more efficient as well as the force needed to recover the tool, without breaking your wrist;
  • The height and angle of the frame can be adjusted so that it can be adjusted to your height and build;
  • Inflatable wheels for improved handling;
  • Optimum visibility of the work thanks to the simplicity of the chassis;
  • Adjustment of the tool angle to minimise the effort;
  • Robust design made of maintenance-free flat iron.

 This simple hoe is delivered without tools.

Data sheet

Length 1350 mm
Width 500 mm (arm)
Height min 800 mm/max 1100mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Manufacturing Terrateck
Warranty 1 year
Delivery time In stock
Information Sold without tools


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