Camera work assistance

Camera for facilitating agricultural operations.

Product details

For undertaking your farming operations, use the new generation camera with CMOS sensors!

The camera is comfortable and precise to use during your hoeing, harvesting, tilling work, etc.

Thanks to its magnetic fastening system, it can be attached to any metal part of your tool. The accessory should be placed in a strategic viewing location.

The camera is connected to the monitor using a 5m-long cable. There is a connector for disconnecting the camera from the monitor when you uncouple the tools from the tractor.

The monitor is placed in the tractor on a suction cup fastened to the window or using a standard mounting system. You can display a "target" on the screen for working on a row. What's more, you can associate several cameras to one monitor.


All the equipment is fully waterproof and shock and vibration proof.


Reference P133
Screen 7\"
Camera angle 58° or 69° or night vision 69°
Cable 5 metres with connector
Included Camera standard support
Magnetic mount camera
Vibration damper

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