Apple, chestnut harvester Silver Fox 03

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This electric harvester was designed for harvesting apples, walnuts and hazelnuts on small and medium surfaces.

With a capacity of 500kg to 1200kg/hour, this harvester increases productivity and is more ergonomic during the harvest which is still a largely non-mechanised task on this type of product.

The motor of the reel draws the harvested product to a brush which sorts the harvest from the unwanted leaves, branches and grass. The harvested product is pre-cleaned and will be stored at the back of the harvester in a standard 60x40x14cm crate

This lightweight and manoeuvrable harvester works using a "push/pull" system.

Fitted with a 10.4Ah battery (supplied), it delivers half a day of battery life. This battery life can be extended to a full working day with the 15.6Ah battery (optional).

Recommendations for using the harvester:
- Mow your orchard 3 weeks before the harvest (gathering offcuts if possible)
- Roll your orchard at the end of the winter preceding the harvest to compact the clods of earth
- When harvesting, run it with the harvester to prevent the harvested product from being damaged on the ground

Accessories included:
- 2 harvest crates (60x40x17cm)
- 10.4Ah battery (4 to 5 hours of battery life)
- 2A/h charger (4 to 6 hours of charge)


Reference N001837
Charger 230V 2A ou 5A
Harvesting capacity (kg) from 500 to 1200/day
Guidance Hand operated without wheel drive
Weight (kg) 33
Design One axle
Crate size 60x40cm
Battery \\\"Silverfish\\\" electric bike 36V (10,4 Ah or 15,6Ah)
Working width (cm) 74
Pick-up roller (cm) 60
Crate max height (cm) 17
Crate load capacity (L) 34
Wheels Rubber PU
Wheels size (inch) 24
Frame Stainless steel
Handlebars and cover caps Anodised aluminium
Wheels tilt 7.5° (avoids damage to the harvested product)
Motor Brushless 300W (IP 44)
Max speed 150 rpm
Speed control Potentiometer
Battery type Lithium-ion

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